Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things Kids Say (The Confidence-Builder Edition)

I don't know if I forgot what teaching 7th graders is like or if these 7th graders are unlike any students I've taught. They are super generous with compliments (or, sometimes, "compliments"), and even the boys aren't shy about it at all.

Things I have heard since school started:

  • You smell really good! (from one of my sweet cheerleaders)
  • What color are your eyes?! They are so pretty!
  • You know, you have a sweet voice, like even when you're getting on to me, I don't mind, because you don't sound mad. (A 9th grader who shared this sentiment phrased it: "You sound just like Minnie Mouse!")
  • Mrs. S, you have fat cheekbones! (My response: well, that's not a compliment!) Yes, it is! They make those holes in your face! (Holes=dimples.)
  • You have a really pretty smile! It's like a beacon! (Beacon is a vocabulary word for my reading class this week.)
  • I hate when girls have ugly feet or like their polish is all worn off! (At this point, I am caught glancing down at my polish.) Don't worry, Mrs. S! You have pretty feet; I already checked!
  • Looking good, Mrs. S! (This was delivered with a wink and a smile and followed by my giving a mini-lesson on appropriate ways to give compliments.)
Also, something tangentially related and very amusing to my team:

Apparently, one day last week was "National Crush Day" and all of our students wrote their crushes' names on the inside of their wrist for the whole world to see. A couple of couples have developed on our team already, and the girls wore their guys' names loud and proud. The guys, however, all wrote teachers' names on their wrists. It was the kind of funny you don't let yourself laugh at in class, but there was lots of giggling going on during planning that day!

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