Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tutorial: Super Easy No-Sew Intruder Curtain

Super Easy No-Cut, No-Sew Intruder Curtain | SuperSomethingBlog.blogspot.com

Quick post about the intruder curtain I put up yesterday thanks to a little pinspiration.

Below is the pin that started it all. I believe I have done my due diligence in trying to trace the image back to the original source, but it seems that it was uploaded directly by a pinner whose username has long been lost. (If you are responsible for this idea, first of all, THANK YOU! I love it! Secondly, I'll be happy to give you credit if you'll contact me!)

According to the description, this is just fabric that's been doubled over a wooden dowel that has been spray painted. The dowel is hung on command hooks, and the fabric is rolled up and secured with ribbon that has been velcro-ed on.

Super Easy No-Cut/No-Sew Intruder Curtain


curtain panel
tape measure
10-12 paper clips
2-4 binder clips
curtain rod & hardware
ribbon (I used about 3 yards)


  1. Measure your window and the curtain panel and calculate the difference. Divide this measurement by two. This measurement will help you determine where to make the vertical folds. (My window was 30 inches wide, and my curtain panel was 42 inches wide, a difference of 12 inches. Half of 12 inches is 6 inches, so my vertical folds will need to be 6 inches from the edge of the curtain.)
  2. Spread the curtain panel on a flat surface, with the right side of the fabric facing down. Starting at the top of the curtain panel, use the previous measurement to determine where the vertical folds (A, B) should begin. Use paperclips (black stars) to mark these points. Repeat at the bottom of the curtain.
  3. Using the paper clips as a guide, begin making fold A. If needed, use additional paper clips (white stars) to help secure the fold. Repeat to make fold B. 
  4. Lay the curtain rod horizontally across the curtain at about the halfway point. Fold the curtain in half to create fold C. (The rod should extend on either side of the curtain at fold C.) 
  5. Hang the curtain and rod. and adjust so that the ends line up evenly. 
  6. Roll both layers of fabric to desired height and use binder clips to temporarily secure the roll.
  7. Tie ribbons to hold curtain roll at the desired height, and remove binder clips. Optionally, you can also remove the paper clips you used to secure the vertical folds. (Mine weren't noticeable, so I didn't bother. Leaving them will make rolling the curtain up after a drill a little easier anyway.)
  8. In case of intruder or drill, simply untie the ribbons, and the curtain will unroll, covering your window.

Note: You can definitely hang this with a wooden dowel as the original pinner did, but I just bought a tension rod for about $1 along with a couple of hooks that I screwed directly into my classroom door. The rod is super light, and command hooks would have worked just fine. However, the hooks were cheaper, and I like that they don't detract from the curtain at all.

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