Monday, July 28, 2014

So, I got that job.

The interview I mentioned earlier actually ended with a job offer, but I had to wait about a week before it was official.

The board approved me on July 16, and I will be teaching four sections of 7th grade math, one section of reading, and one remediation/intervention class this year. I talked SBG up in the interview so much that now I have to get to actually do it. I'm excited that I get to try it, but I'm really nervous that I'm going to screw up! The 7th grade math teachers will be piloting SBG for the school, and since the administrators weren't familiar with SBG until recently, I am considered the "expert." I kind of needed to do some deep breathing just to get through that sentence since I am definitely no expert!

Moving on to something I am somewhat an expert at--setting up a classroom. (I realized last week that this will be the fifth classroom I've set up in five years, although this is only my third school.) I got a look at my classroom for the first time last Tuesday, and was...underwhelmed. And actually a bit overwhelmed as well. Here are the glows and grows:


  • 8 gigantic windows (42 inches wide and 80 inches tall)
  • tall, tall ceilings
  • SMART board (promised--it's not actually installed yet)
  • Two bulletin boards (at my previous school, I had just one; at the one before that, I had zero!)
  • Giant, old-school teacher desk -- I am so excited about this since I found myself needing a work table to spread out on in previous classrooms
  • Two classroom computers


  • Needs a paint job -- two blue walls, one beige wall, and one white wall, all of which are peeling (Edited: When I left this afternoon, the painters had come in and soon all four of my walls will match!)
  • Those gigantic windows (and the one in my classroom door) will need to be covered for intruder drills so I'll need to find something cute (and economical) to do there. (Edit: Thanks to my mom, I now how hot pink, zebra-striped curtains covering each of my windows, and thanks to Pinterest, I was able to come up with a solution for quickly covering my classroom door for intruder drills.)
  • Student lockers are inside the classroom (I'm actually not sure whether this is a glow or a grow because I've never seen this!)
  • Not a lot of whiteboard space (this might wind up being okay since I'll have the SMART board)
  • Most of my whiteboards are actually showerboard, and they are all gray with ghosting.

I am getting excited about the new school year. One of the best things about being a teacher (aside from the kids, the challenge, etc.) is the opportunity to start fresh each year.

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