Thursday, July 10, 2014


I had an opportunity to introduce standards-based grading to some administrators in an interview I had this week.  At 1.5 hours, It was the second longest interview of my life, and probably 20 minutes of it I spent selling them on SBG. It got me thinking about the possibility of finding a place that will actually let me try it in the upcoming school year. It has been a while since I have been that excited, and I find myself motivated to dive back into researching and figuring out the logistics of it.

Things I Am Still Pondering:

  • How to present it to co-workers and supervisors
  • How to present it to students
  • How to present it to parents
  • How to set it up in the electronic gradebook we're all required to use
  • Do you throw out traditional grading schemes (e.g., Tests 70%, Classwork 20%, Homework 10%)? Or do you just use the skills-checks to get the test grades, and stick to the more traditional methods for determining the effort grades?
  • Do I even think homework should be graded? 

Some resources:

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