Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Super Sweet

Some days just suck. Last week was full of those days, and Friday wasn't shaping up to be much better, but thanks to a completely random act of kindness by one of my sweet kids, I was able to end my week on a good note.

The backstory is that since I have a Mobi and usually circulate throughout the classroom, I'm hardly ever at my desk during class. I often let kids sit at my desk while we're taking notes, and I usually choose those who aren't really in trouble (yet), but need to be isolated for a few minutes. Sometimes, I choose them because they're struggling to focus, sometimes because they are having an off day and need some space, sometimes, it's because they forgot their glasses and can't see the projector screen, and occasionally, it's a reward for good behavior. My kids definitely consider sitting at my desk to be a privilege.

Friday, one of my students, T, could not stop talking. He wasn't loud, he wasn't being super distracting for the rest of the class, but he was driving me crazy, and it really seemed like he just could NOT hush. So I had T get his things and move to my desk to finish taking notes. It worked and I didn't have any other problems out of him for the rest of the period. Several hours later, when I sat down at my desk again, I saw the following note T left for me. (He also left another that said, "To: Mrs. S___ from T____," in case I wasn't sure who it was from.)

It was such a little thing, and I feel pretty confident that T hasn't given it a second thought, but it really turned my whole day around, and gave me just the push I needed to finish strong.

Ninth graders often get a bad rap, but they really can be such sweet kids.