Sunday, September 29, 2013

Things Kids Say

I am so happy to see September go. It has been a long, long time since Labor Day, a long, long month in general, and last week was the longest week of all. One thing that got me through was the funny, silly things my kids blurted out just when I needed a laugh most. Here are two gems:

Scene 1
Last week was Homecoming Week (what we always called "Spirit Week" when I was a student). Each day was a assigned a different theme and teachers and students were all encouraged to dress according to the theme. Even those who don't normally keep up with the football team knew that it was Homecoming Week.

Student 1 (a marching band member no less): Hey, y'all, is the game on Friday at home or away?

Student 2: It's Homecoming Week!

Student 1: I know THAT. I just don't know if the game's a home game or not.

Scene 2
Student 3: Mrs. S, have you ever been in a car accident?

Me: Yes, once in college. I was driving a Beetle, and a Tahoe ran a stop sign and hit me. It was pretty bad.

Student 3: Oh my gosh! Did you die?

Me: Yes. Yes, I did.


  1. These are too funny!

    And, how have I just now found your blog?!? I'm so excited to connect with another teacher who is using interactive notebooks!

  2. This reply is a week in the making; I think I may be star-struck!

    You are a celebrity in our department--one of our first stops when we need INB ideas!


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