Friday, August 16, 2013

Thoughts Before a New School Year

Pre-planning week is over. It's so cliche, but I cannot believe how quickly this week has flown by. I will be heading back up to the school over the weekend so that I can put the finishing touches on a few things, but in general, I feel that if I had to teach kids tomorrow, I'd be fine.

Monday night was Open House. I currently have 141 students on my roster, and I had more than 80 students (and their families) show up Monday. The kids all looked so small, and I was reminded of how much last year's kids grew in the nine months they were with me. I know that I'll grow to love my new kids, but seeing all these new faces really made me miss the old ones.

The parents seemed eager to be involved, and several of them pulled me aside to say, "If you have any trouble with my child whatsoever, don't hesitate to let me know!" It's not usually those kids that need phone calls home, but it's nice to have that support starting out.  This year, we're going to be using Remind101 to send reminder e-mails and texts, and most of the parents seemed really excited about it. I hope they will use these reminders to stay on top of their kids about turning in homework, studying for tests, etc.

This morning, we attended training on data walls as our school is going to be piloting the use of a school-wide data wall for the district. I'm excited about the meaningful collaboration I think we're going to see this year.

I'm also pretty proud of the collaboration and teamwork the math department has already shown this week. We've been working like mad to get the first three units of Algebra 1 planned and ready to go, and I can't brag enough on their willingness to jump on board with interactive notebooks.

I have high hopes for this year!

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