Friday, August 9, 2013

First Days: Open House Plans + A Revamped Student Info Sheet

Last year, at Open House and again on the first day of school, the math teachers all gave out Student Info Sheets asking for schedule information, parent contact information, student hobbies, allergy information, etc. We had hoped that these would prove super useful during the school year, but I didn't find myself referring back to them as often as I had planned. And when I did look at them, the information was either illegible or incorrect. Schedules changed, kids moved in with a different parent, etc. Distributing the sheets at Open House also meant that the parents who wanted the forms completed immediately spent too much time in our rooms that night and those who elected to take them home never returned them.

All in all, it was a nice idea that just wasn't executed well.

This year, I'm planning on having multiple sign-in sheets stationed throughout my classroom at Open House. I'll ask for student name, parent name(s), parent phone number(s), and parent email(s) on the sign-in sheet itself. I'll also have information about contacting me by email and phone and enrolling in remind101 posted, but I want this year's Open House to be a meet & greet sprint as opposed to the marathon we had last year.

I do still plan on having students complete a Student Info Sheet. I found a great one posted online by another blogger* and I wound up making only minimal tweaks. I'll distribute it, along with the syllabus, on the first day of school.

* I've scrolled back through the blogs I follow in Feedly and my recent pins, but I can't find the original blogger. If you know who created the student info sheet, please let me know. My whole department loves this sheet, and I would love to give him/her credit!

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