Friday, August 23, 2013

One Down.

Week 1.

That is almost all of the thought that I can formulate.

I don't know if I forgot how exhausting the first week of school is or if this year is more exhausting than most. I am leaning towards the latter since all of my co-workers seem to be in the same boat. Or maybe it's like childbirth where the pain winds up being worth it?

At any rate, here are a few standout moments.

  • The fire drill Wednesday was the first time we've practiced heading to our new safe place. Last year, we high-tailed it to the stadium, but this year, we trek across the street to the track field. Half of our school goes through the tunnel and half go over the street. Super interesting to herd these students who have been taught from infancy NEVER to cross the street and always to use the tunnel. Even more interesting that we had to wade through the mud to get from the parking lot to the track. Of course I wore sandals, and I wound up up to my ankles in mud. Found a handy new use for Clorox wipes and bonded with my girls who also wore sandals. 
  • A full week of lunch duty makes me so, so thankful for the normal one-day-a-week schedule. Since I plan 6th period, I need those twenty minutes to take a load off and regroup. We definitely needed to monitor those kids though. We share a cafeteria with the junior high, so our students know their way around, but they go from sitting by class in 8th grade to free-seating as freshmen. Their minds are blown! And we've been overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. We have well over 500 freshmen this year, and it's never more obvious than when they're all together in one room!
  • No more morning duty! One of the other teachers needed someone to cover her afternoon duty so that she could coach at the high school, so I volunteered. She's taking over my breakfast duty, so I don't have to be at work early at all this year. This is one of the highlights of my week. I love knowing that I can hit snooze that extra time if I need to. 
  • The kids have been having a field day with my last name. One of my students asked me yesterday, "Did you get your name off that TV show?" My answer? "Nope. I got my name off my husband." 
  • Already sick. Yep. Sure am. Went to bed with a slightly scratchy throat Wednesday night, woke up feeling like I'd been swallowing razor blades. Today, the congestion has literally turned me into a mouth-breather. Benadryl helps, but I can't function when I take it, so I've just been toughing it out. Who gets a cold by the third day of school? It's got to be a record. 
  • We've been giving benchmarks for the past two days. It never fails, my "digital natives" act as though they've never seen a computer before. They have the MOST trouble just logging on to the computers! Being out of my classroom is bad enough, but having them go crazy is really, really frustrating. 
  • I have a steady, heady mixture of kids this year. Two who are hearing-impaired; one who is blind in one eye; one who just moved from Alaska where he was homeschooled in every subject but math (since third grade!); one with emotional/behavioral disorders (ODD and PTSD); at least one whose parents are in the midst of divorce; one whose dad just earned back visitation rights; several severe asthmatics; others who carry epipens for their severe allergies; and one diabetic kid who has already had to break into the emergency kit I keep in my closet. First impressions: mostly good kids, only one whose been a total goober so far. 
All in all, it has been a really, really good week. Only 35 more to go!

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