Saturday, August 17, 2013

ISN: Learning Styles Foldable

I came to education by way of psychology, and topics like cognitive psychology and the psychology of learning still intrigue me, so I find myself electing to participate in professional development that relates to that. One of the courses I took last year focused on differentiating instruction based on learning styles and multiple intelligences. As part of that class, I had one of my geometry classes complete an inventory to determine their learning styles, and I'm planning on doing it with all of my students this year.

I spent some time today putting together a foldable that will (hopefully) help students identify and work with their dominant learning styles. The inventory questions and some of the suggestions were borrowed from the inventory Sarah Rubin gave her students last year. Since I am still using the legal paper donated to me a couple of years ago (Thanks, Mom!), I was able to get all of the info on one sheet of paper (front and back) with no shrinking or cutting necessary.

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