Sunday, January 20, 2013

Say No to Coke (Day 20)

Rumor has it that it takes 21 days to break (or form) a habit.

Tomorrow, it will have been 21 days since I've had a Coke, a Dr. Pepper, or any other carbonated beverage. I think I can safely call this habit broken.

C and I spent the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve at his parents' lake condo. This trip was very spontaneous. (As in, C and I were traveling home from my mom's, and just before we reached the turn-off for the lake, I said, "Hey! Want to go to the lake?") So we weren't prepared with the groceries we would normally take with us, and I hadn't given any thought to meal planning at all.

This was a recipe for disaster.

We wound up with ingredients for chili and lasagna and two packs of soda.

Yeah, super healthy.

By New Year's, the idea of drinking a coke made me feel physically ill, so I vowed to quit cold-turkey. And so far, I have. I don't really have a plan to swear off soft drinks for good, but I also haven't set a deadline. We'll see how far I can take it!

7/2/2013 Update - I gave in to peer pressure during a family beach trip over Memorial Day weekend and had a real, full-of-sugar Dr. Pepper. We were down to just sodas in our cooler, and I wasn't going to break my streak for a Diet Coke! Since then, I've had maybe one a week. I think swearing off cokes all together was a good idea, but lately, I've been trying to be mindful of what I drink without being quite so extreme.