Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Tour (The Before Pictures)

I finally got into my new classroom today!

This is only my second teaching assignment, so I do not have a lot of experience with different administrators and their quirks.  At my old school, we were free to come up at any point during the summer to work in our classrooms. My new principal sent out a "Welcome (Back)!" letter requesting that we stay away from school until this week. Students return August 20th, and the first day for non-new teachers is August 13th, so this seems kind of late to me.

New Teacher Orientation starts tomorrow, so this will be the only time I'll have in my room until the weekend. Luckily, any teacher who wants an exterior key can have one. (Another difference from my old school. I wound up with an exterior key because I snagged it from a coach who resigned.)

Here's a quick tour of my classroom as it was when I first got in this morning. Excuse the junky cell phone pics. You may see better ones eventually!

view from doorway, straight to the back of my room

view from doorway to opposite corner

view from doorway to corner w/ closet
I haven't decided yet which wall will be the "front" of my classroom. I am leaning towards the wall between the closet and the corner opposite the classroom door. This is where my projector screen is located, so it's a logical choice, but I do kind of wish I had a bulletin board on that wall! (The only BB I have is the one near the phone.)

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