Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer PD: A Big Ol' Love Fest

I am one of the weird teachers who love professional development. Love it.

(If you are reading this, I suspect that you are one of those weird teachers, too.)

Even on my best teaching day, when I end the day feeling pumped about how my lessons went and I can see that my kids have had a breakthrough, when I'm sure I'm where I need to be and can't imagine myself doing anything else, even on days when I love, love, love teaching, I still love learning even more, so spending all day with people who know more than I do is my idea of a good time.

Here's a list of the PD I'm signed up for this summer.
  • Students in Poverty (regional workshop)
  • Using Web 2.0 Tools to Make Every Teen a 21st Century Reader (e-Learning course)
  • Classroom Management in the 21st Century (e-Learning course)
  • Special Students in Regular Classrooms: Technology, Teaching, and Universal Design (e-Learning course)
What are you learning this summer?

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