Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How I Got Here: Part I

I always love to hear how fellow teachers got their jobs. It's helpful to those looking for teaching positions, but I still think it's interesting to the rest of us, too. At my former school, I found that the interview process I experienced was completely different from even my coworkers' experiences. In light of that, and in hopes of helping future educators with the interview process, I've decided to share my experiences. (Note: This is Part I of a multi-part series. Read Part II.) 

My husband and I are alumni of the university that makes our hometown a college town. I also hold a degree (my teaching degree) from its satellite campus.

Twice a year, every year, our alma mater hosts an Education Interview Day where 300+ education majors from both campuses have a chance to interview with schools from the surrounding areas. I attended two EIDs, one during the semester I graduated (the fall of 2009) and one the following spring. I did maybe seven total interviews on those days, all of which were what I consider "screening interviews," a chance for superintendents, principals, or their representatives to get a look at the the students preparing to enter the teaching profession and a chance for those students to become more than a faceless resume in a stack of faceless resumes.

I was asked to complete several substitute applications at EID, and I was offered a long term sub position (which I accepted) as a result of one of the Spring interviews, but most systems treated EID as Step 1 of a screen process, and many of us were called back for additional interviews.

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