Friday, May 25, 2012

The BIG News I Promised

Today was the last day of my first teaching job.

For the past two years, I have lived and breathed junior high math. As my school's only math teacher, I've been the department newbie, the department veteran, and the department chair all at once. If something great was happening in a math classroom, it was my classroom. And if our math scores weren't up to par, I shouldered the responsibility. Being the entire math department was exhilarating and stressful and challenging and exhausting and fun. Leaving my post has not been an easy decision, and saying goodbye to the friends I have made and the students who made me a teacher has been bittersweet.

I am not leaving the teaching field, but I am leaving my current system and the junior high setting altogether. I've accepted a job in a new school in the county where we live. In my new position, I will be one of four ninth grade math teachers, and I will be teaching Algebra I, our standard ninth grade math.

This will not be a completely new beginning for me since I had the chance to teach Algebra I on the block schedule during my internship three years ago. The internship lasted fifteen weeks and the course lasted eighteen weeks, so I was able to teach nearly all of it (excluding welcome week and exam review). I actually worked for this system as a long term sub after my December graduation. The geometry teacher I subbed for actually taught in the very same building I'll be teaching in now,  and in fact, my new room is right across the hall.

The symmetry of winding up (for now anyway) in the place where I started is not lost on this math teacher.

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