Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break

My husband had some minor surgery done on Wednesday, and since I am on Spring Break and he's off work while he's recuperating, we are having a long weekend at the lake (free for us thanks to his generous parents). He is doing lots of resting, and I am doing lots of cooking (I've made this, and this, and this, and a little of this).

It's been raining all day, and I've been cooking all day, and I admit, this is not how I really intended to spend my Spring Break. However, a rainy day at the lake beats a rainy day almost anywhere else, and I have thoroughly enjoyed not being Mrs. S for a few days.

I keep catching myself thinking that it is June and that I do not have to go back to work Monday. Our high-stakes testing is in two weeks, and my stress levels are super high. I guess denial is my coping mechanism, and doesn't that say it all?

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