Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Keep the Last Word

I don’t know what’s so great about getting the last word. I don’t want the last word; it doesn’t interest me at all.

I’d much rather you get the last word, then check your email three times--make that four; five? ok, six…seven? wait, SEVEN? SERIOUSLY?--in the next hour, wondering if I’ve gotten It yet, wondering if I’ve read It, wondering if the proper inflections and emotions have been conveyed, wondering when I’ll reply, then wondering if I’ll reply, then wondering if you should send It again–after all, I haven’t replied, maybe I didn’t get it; damn email can’t be trusted!–wondering if you should send another one, wondering if that would seem to desperate, too clingy, too dramatic, wondering if you worded yourself a little too strongly, wondering if you should apologize or at least explain, and then, finally, wondering if It somehow slipped my mind or if I just couldn’t be bothered to reply.

Who needs the last word?