Friday, January 12, 2007

The One About the Perfect Man

A myspace friend posted a blog with a list of 45 requirements for the perfect man. I think the list is ridiculous, but I can’t very well say that without proposing a more reasonable list. Here goes:

The perfect man is someone who:

..Listens for understanding and not as a way to pass time until it’s his turn to talk.
..Is passionate about something--art, his career, restoring old cars, anything really.
..Can hold his own in a conversation with any of my friends or family members.
..Feels comfortable in his own skin.
..Realizes there’s always room for improvement.
..Values his independence and respects mine.
..Tells me his secrets; doesn’t tell mine.
..Wants a family with me–not necessarily now, but someday.
..Is generally honest. White lies tolerable, but not preferred.
..Enjoys spending time with his family, and wants to include me in that.
..Appreciates good music and good movies.
..Appreciates bad music and bad movies.
..Doesn’t mind a good debate.
..Has some hobbies that don’t include me, and one or two that do.
..Has some sense of where his life is headed; has dreams and goals.
..Thinks it’s cute–-or at least slightly amusing–-when I make up a song about new shoes.
..Sneaks around behind my back to plan occasional surprises. (Only good ones!)
..Has his own interests, opinions, beliefs and ideas that he’s not willing to sacrifice--not even for me.
..Has a strong sense of who he is, loves me all the time, and occasionally takes my advice.

Basically, I want someone who is as excited about me as I am about him, someone who’s different from me and who doesn’t mind discussing those differences at length, someone who can make me see things in a different light, someone who envisions his future and sees me standing beside him, someone who says to me, “I hope we have a dozen little girls and they all look just like you.”