Monday, October 2, 2006

Some Day

For the first time, I am getting excited about grad school. Previously, whenever I even thought about the GRE and applying to schools and especially my GPA, I just felt apprehensive. Now that I’ve actually taken some steps in the right direction, I’m feeling much, much better.

I still haven’t narrowed my interest areas down completely. I’m looking at I/O, and School Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Marriage and Family Therapy. I realize that might not sound like I’ve narrowed things down at all, but considering all the possible tracts, this is actually really good. And they’re Master’s programs, not doctoral programs. I’ve pretty much decided I’m not that interested in earning a doctorate just yet. Finally making that decision has really lifted an impossible weight off my chest.

And now that I’m actually looking at specific schools, well…it keeps getting better. I’ve almost fallen in love with a small school in North Carolina, not too far from the Tennessee line. It’s situated in the mountains, and the average temperature in the summer is 70 degrees. They average 3 feet of snow a year. My kind of place.